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Celebrating Our 4th Anniversary

The Power of Our Dreams Four years ago today we opened our doors to the Asheville Salt Cave! “Great Things do not just happen by impulse but as a succession of small things  linked together” – Vincent van Gogh Tons of research, a trip to Greece to find a builder, a huge leap of faith, […]

Spring Is In The Air – Achoo

Spring is in the Air – Achoo! Allergy sufferers can often trace their sniffles back to tree pollen. This is one of the primary allergens in the spring. Weather conditions help determine pollen concentrations. Windy, dry days allow the pollen particles to float freely through the air. Allergy symptoms often start when pollen counts exceed […]

Balance Your Chakras

Chakras: It is believed that these hold the ability for ones body to heal itself. The spiritual healing associated with Chakras arose in India around the 1st century.  Energy healers assess and then balance our 7 chakras or energy centers in order to maintain ones well-being. Chakras are part of what is known as the energy […]

Salt Cave Benefits

Salt Cave Benefits By now you are probably familiar with the Salt Cave benefits . The salt in the cave is over 250 million years old and comes from deep within the earth. It is pure and uncontaminated. This natural salt contains 84 minerals and trace elements. These are essential to our body. Without salt our […]

On this day in History

On this day in history, November 5, 1922, tuberculosis medical pioneer Dr. Karl Von Ruck passed away in Asheville. In the 1870’s doctors began praising Asheville’s climate and mountain air for the treatment of respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis. In 1888, Von Ruck established the Winyanh Sanitarium in Asheville. He was a constant advocate for […]

Health at the Asheville Salt Cave

We are excited that a national publication has written about our Salt Cave and Asheville. On October 3, 2015 Kimberly Nicoletti, a freelance writer and editor, had her article published in the VailDaily on their Travel website. The article is titled “Health and Wealth in Asheville, with decadent mansions and healing salt caves. ” Here is […]

Anniversary Mode

We are still in a 3rd year anniversary mode. Our 30 lbs natural salt lamps (normally retail for $89.95) are on sale for just $59.95. These special Anniversary Mode 30 lb salt lamps won’t last. Stop in today and take one home for you or a friend or family member. The Holidays will be here […]

The Secret of The Salt Cave

The secret of our cave is simple: the air is enriched with salt trace elements and ions. These elements, which the human body absorbs through respiration and through our pores, are essential to our existence. The result is: bodily relaxation and rehabilitation where the body and mind come to a perfect balance and one feels […]

Worth Its Salt !

In the July issue of Real Simple Magazine one of our best sellers at our Salt Market was featured…our salt Mortar and Pestle. The editors of the magazine had this to say about this amazing addition to your kitchen.  ” Worth Its Salt: Gourmands will crush over this mortar and pestle carved from pink Himalayan […]

Cooking on A Himalayan Salt Slab

Cooking on a Himalayan Salt Slab adds enormous depth of flavor to foods without over-salting. Thanks to the natural low moisture content, Himalayan Salt Slabs can be heated or chilled to extreme temperatures. They work equally well on grills, stove tops, in the oven or as a serving platter for cold food presentations. The possibilities […]


“It all comes Full Circle”, this is so true of what the Asheville’s Therapeutic Salt Cave brings to Asheville, clean pure air in a micro-climate. Through out history tuberculosis was treated with clean fresh air! Asheville’s setting in the mountains and large homes or boarding houses with wide front porches, helped provide that. The Mountain Sanatorium, advertised in […]

Asheville as a Health Retreat

ASHEVILLE AS A HEALTH RETREAT As far back as 1795, records show that the area of Asheville, NC was regarded as a place to come to heal oneself. The Indians used the area as a neutral ground for their sick and took advantage of the area around Hot Springs. The climate was regarded as optimal […]

Sustainable and Growing Salt Cave

  The Asheville Salt Cave is the only Salt Cave in the United States that is sustainable and growing. It is fashioned after the Wieliezka Mine in Poland, the largest Salt Therapy Center in the world. We have recreated the micro-climate of a natural salt cave through the use of a constant temperature, a constant humidity and two natural […]


Think about a stressful situation you’re facing at the moment —something small or something epic. Close your eyes and scan your body, noticing where you feel tension when you think about this tough situation. It might take a minute to find the spot. (Good places to check: jaw, shoulders, belly, chest, throat.) Rest your hand […]

Salt Lamps and Negative Ions

Scientific research has shown that the amount of ions in the environment, that is acceptable by humans is 1000-1500/cm3. In closed rooms where a few people work at the same time or a room where electronic appliances are utilized the amount of negative ions may fall to as low as 200/cm3. In order to increase […]

February Is Heart Healthy Month

Visiting the salt cave can be very beneficial for people with heart and circulatory conditions. The salt rocks in our cave contain 84 trace elements that our bodies need and crave. Several of them are essential for good heart and circulation health. Bromine –  helps to lower blood pressure and regulate the Nervous System Iron – […]

Reduce Earache Pain

Ear aches and infections are a terrible thing to experience as a child. You not only have a fever that makes you weak, but you also have to confront the constant earache pain . With autumn slowly installing its rainy self into each day of the week, a homemade solution to counter such discomfort is […]

How Does a Himalayan Salt Lamp Work?

The heat from a lighted Himalayan salt lamp attracts moisture. The evaporation of water through salt emits negative ions. How many negative ions a Himalayan salt lamp or salt candle holder can release depends on its size and how warm an electric light bulb makes it. A night-light sized salt lamp would be effective for […]

Salt is Good For You and Your Pets

Salt Licks, available at the “Salt Market” located next door to the Salt Cave in downtown Asheville are great for your horses, cattle and other animals. They come in two sizes Small and Large complete with rope to tie them to a fence post or railing. Next time you visit us, don’t forget to get […]

Down By The Sea

There is something magical that happens when we walk along the shore. Our cares lighten; our perspective lengthens. Scientists are trying to put their finger on exactly why that is, and, in fact “I’m Always Entirely Happy When I’m Here” is the title of a 2013 German study that found that outdoor settings, particularly those […]

Asheville’s Wellness Tour

Every Monday at 3 PM and Friday at 10 AM you can pamper yourself and friends with an amazing 2 hour wellness tour conducted by 3 health-minded businesses located in downtown Asheville. Your tour begins at Asheville’s only authentic Salt Cave located at 12 Eagle Street. You will experience 45 minutes of relaxingl salt therapy, […]

Seasonal Allergy Alert

September is just one month away and with it comes Fall Allergies! Do you experience wheezing while walking? Does your chest feel tight when you get stressed? These symptoms could be signs of Asthma. If you suffer from Asthma, most likely you also have allergies. According to the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology the […]