Having two modalities at the same time in our Therapeutic Salt Cave is very synergistic. There is a certain level of benefit from one modality ( salt therapy). Two modalities at the same time allows the body to connect to an additional level. Enjoy the benefit of salt therapy while engaging in another activity offered in our cave. Light therapy and music therapy are included in all salt therapy sessions.

Please call to reserve your space 828-236-5999 for each of these unique salt therapy sessions

Events are nonrefundable, but you may transfer your ticket to another person.

Upcoming Events in Asheville’s Only Sustainable & Growing Salt Cave

16195823_1339674072762220_5035965484776889590_nSaturday, February 11th, 6 PM- Crystalline Sound Activation

Join us a special evening of rest an healing. Derrik will be providing short personalized sessions within the salt caves group setting. During the hour salt cave session each participant will receive approximately 3-5 minutes of sitting on the monochord vibrational therapy chair while directly soaking in the music created on the instrument. The remainder of the hour will be basking in the sonic waves created for the other participants’ individualized sessions. The chair is designed with quartz as part of the strings’ acoustics and a crystal grid around the sound hole which becomes activated with the playing of the instrument. The crystals create electro-magnetic vortices that bathe the sitter into a transformational space. Each session is intuited as the moment occurs. I will also have a crystal singing bowl and Native American flutes present to add to the experience. Please come and join us for what is surely to be an inspired evening.
Join us for a full hour of pure bliss.
Reservations are required $36pp

total relaxation copyTuesday, February 14th, 5 PM & 6 PM -Valentine’s Special Restorative Foot Massage

Give the gift of love this Valentine’s day! Take a load off of the most hard working part of your body and let one of our licensed massage therapist work all the tension out of your feet to help you get ready to take on the rest of your week with renewed energy, all while being bathed in the invigorating, negative ions and saturated salt air of our therapeutic salt cave. You will receive a 20 minute foot massage and 45 minutes of salt therapy for only $64 person. Include Fruit,Chocolates herbal tea, and a small salt gift! Only 8 spots available, call to reserve yours today!828-236-5999


12644827_1033888136674150_4434104780124037577_nSaturday, February 18th, 6PM- Sound Healing Concert

Join us for a beautiful Sound Healing Concert inside the majestic Cave of Salt. The concert will be performed by our friend from Skinny Beats Drum Shop and Gallery-Billy Zanski. Come enjoy the sounds of singing crystal bowls, unique African instruments, and various drums.
The music will vibrate throughout the walls of the Salt Cave, reaching and healing the deepest parts of your soul. This special event is only $36 per person. Reservations are required, so call today to reserve your space. We hope to see you there!!

(828) 236-5999


15156914_1259972887399006_866906162314641346_o-1Saturday, February 25th -6 PM- New Moon Meditation and Spiritual Medicine Circle

We invite you to gather and sit with the Spirit Medicine of the Flowers, Stones and Trees. You’ll experience a grounding Full Moon guided meditation and several silent shamanic journeys with one of Purifoy Spirit Essences where you’ll receive personal and collective messages through visual and/or physical dreamspace.

Led by Lorin Purifoy, Founder and Creatrix of Purifoy Spirit Essences, Shamanic Intuitive, Sound Channel and Ceremonialist.www.purifoyfloweressences.com

This is sure to be a magical evening with one full hour of bliss for $36. Reservations required 828 236 5999
Space is limited.


Saturday, March 4th -6 PM- Yoga Nidra in the Cave

The traditional teachings of yoga nidra guided relaxation address and reintegrate the 5 body sheaths of your being (physical, energy, emotional, mental, etheric/bliss). This superconscious state, deeply relaxed but awake and aware, is a place where accelerated healing and learning can happen. One hour of yoga nidra practice restores the body similarly to 6 hours of deep sleep.
Yoga Nidra brings you into a deeply restorative healing state that will release tension, enhance your vital life source, and leave you with a greater sense of peace and wellbeing.

$36pp for one full hour of Yoga Nidra inside the Salt Cave. Reservations are required 828.236.5999


Private Salt Therapy SessionsOur Cave is available for private sessions for your Company’s Business Meetings, Wedding Photos, Small Intimate Wedding Ceremonies, Bridal Parties, Girl’s Night Out, etc. Please call to discuss your needs so we can accommodate you and your party.