Company Staff Meetings

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Do you hold all your company staff meetings in the same location, meeting after meeting after meeting?

Do your employees complain about boring meeting rooms for your company staff meetings?

Are you looking for a great way to reward your staff ?

Are you looking for a great way to motivate your employees?

Let us help you spice up your meetings.  

                                                                               Let us put salt into your employees’ lives !

New Exciting Location For Your Company Staff Meeting

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Schedule your next company staff meeting at

Asheville’s Therapeutic Salt Cave

                                           and give your employes the gift of health.  

Contact AVL Salt Cave to find out about:

1. Exclusive use of the Salt Cave for seminars and meetings

2. Individual growth seminars Annual review and planning

3. Strategy development & Brainstorming

4. Customer focused workshops

5. Stress management & Change Management Seminars

6.  Alternative corporate relaxation circles

7. Systemic self-improvement for colleagues

8. Corporate Gifts

9. Therapeutic Salt sculptures & gift certificates from our Salt Market