Our Miraculous Self Healing Body

your bodies ability to heal

Every 90 days our body builds a brand new blood stream; every 11 months billions of new soft cells are made; and every 2 years new bones.This is our miraculous self healing body.
Stress defeats healing!


Your body does not recognize the difference between “I am being chased by a tiger” and “Nobody loves me” or “I’m never going to get well.” As far as the nervous system is concerned, they all signal imminent danger, and that is what stress really is, as far as your body is concerned.

“Glands secrete according to impulses from the emotional and nervous system. Anger, resentment, contention, hate, self-condemnation, animosity, and related nervous tensions release poisons from the glandular system into the lymphatic circulation, deplete bodily energies, block eliminations and generally create a condition which predisposes the system to disease.” ~ Edgar Cayce
The body, mind and soul are connected in overall healthYou cannot be healthy on the outside without being healthy on the inside.


The above quote by edgar Cayce  reminds us of the importance of listening to our body and being intentional about releasing the feelings and emotions that don’t serve the goal of creating optimal health.  Every disease of the body has an emotional/ mental cord.  Taking the time to work on self and releasing the emotions that wreak havoc in the body is necessary and required for true health and to truly live into your purpose.  If you are too tired, exhausted, stressed, angry, focused on what everyone else is doing, holding on to things or people you can’t control, you are not free to live life to it’s fullest.  Your whole being will be to exhausted working through the ripple effect of these in your emotional and physical body that you won’t be able to create the energy to maximize your own beautifully unique potential.


One 45 minute salt therapy session in our therapeutic salt cave can bring you into a state of complete and total relaxation. You can feel the stress leave your body. Rebalance your body and mind using salt therapy and begin the self healing process.

Let Us Put Salt In Your Life so you can feel the calm.