BBQ Using A Himalayan Salt Cooking Block

Summer is here!  And that means it is BBQ Season!!!



Impress your guests

with a unique backyard BBQ idea


grilling on a salt block

The Salt Market

has many unique serving items made from Himalayan Salt

 for cooking great meals and serving them.

Try using a

 Salt Cooking Block

to grill fish, vegetables, steak, chicken and more on the BBQ

Salt cooking blocks can also be used cold to serve appetizers that need to be kept cold for long periods of time

serving at a BBQ on a salt round

Try our unique Salt Cooking Rounds

to serve appetizers


 forget the bun and serve each guest directly on their own individual Salt Round

salt bowl

You can serve a Cold Soup in our Salt Bowls 


how about Dessert?

Try an Ice Cream Sundae in a Salt Bowl

Mortar and Pestle

Use our Mortar and Pestle to create great rubs for seasoning


our Salt Tumblers and Salt Shot Glasses are cool for making

Great Drinks with a touch of salt

Happy, Healthy BBQing