Downtown Asheville Salt Market

Our Salt Market features many unique Himalayan salt products.  You can find a wonderful gift for that special someone, or a treat for yourself. We carry an assortment of all natural Himalayan salt lamps in various sizes for every room in your home or office. Salt lamps are made of crystal salt which help neutralize the positive ions emitted by our electronic devices and air conditioners. When heated these lamps release salutary trace elements which are essential to our systems.

At the Asheville Salt Cave we treat our clients the way we would want to be treated. We strive, with every service we provide, to show respect for each individual client and their needs.  Our family owned and operated business is based  on honesty, integrity, trust and fairness.

Just as importantly, we believe the craftspeople that manufacture our products deserve to be treated with respect and paid a fair wage, therefore we have chosen to partner with CITRN (AFNQ Enterprises) which has an ISO 9001 certification. Their products are not only of the highest quality but they also take care of their workers.

Local artists have created one of a kind , stylish jewelry using our Himalayan salt stones .  We carry a  unique collection of Hand Made Magnetic Therapy Jewelry by local artist, Laurie Keneipp. Our inventory is constantly changing as we add new and interesting salt products from salt scrubs and bath salts to cooking plates, glassware, bowls and salt licks for your animals. Come in and browse our Salt Market and find your special gem to take home with you as a reminder of what Asheville is all about….alternative healing at it’s best!