Welcome to Asheville’s Therapeutic Salt Cave and Salt Spa

Here is your sneak peak, into our all natural salt therapy cave via our salt cave and salt spa gallery.

Asheville Therapeutic Salt Cave, is the only salt spa in Asheville that is 100% salt, all natural, self-sustaining and continually growing! Our salt cave uses two natural halo-generators (water features) which feed the cave. This provides what is known as Halotherapy or Speleotherapy. Our salt cave contains only materials found in nature, thus there are no places for bacterial nests to form and breed. No other salt therapy facility in the United States can make this claim.

As you can see from the gallery of photos, our salt spa cave is floor to ceiling salt crystal rocks. The floor is covered in 30% Dead Sea Salt and 70% Polish Salt. Walking on the floor is a great reflexology session in itself. Our walls are full crystal salt rocks. There is ambient light behind several of the rocks on the salt walls. This light creates a soft glow throughout the cave . Our ceiling is 9 feet high and covered in a natural fiber safety mesh which supports smaller salt rocks. Interspersed  amongst the ceiling salt rocks are diodes of light. The lighting in the walls, on the salina, the cascade and on ceiling provides light therapy and a soft glow throughout your salt spa therapy session.

Join us for a salt spa therapy session and feast your eyes on our salt as it grows within the cave, on the walls, the water features and from the ceiling.

Private Salt Cave Session