Salt Therapy Benefits For Children

Children’s respiratory systems are not fully developed until the age of 9. There are numerous salt therapy benefits for children of all ages._MG_1367

It has been clinically proven that using salt therapy helps eliminate the amount of pollution entering their young lungs. Salt Therapy is suitable for children at any age even as young as 1 month old. Using natural methods (such as salt therapy) is more effective for the following reasons:

  • Children react more intensively then adults doJohan
  • Pulmonary and otolaryngology professionals found that 85 to 95% of children become symptomless after 3 salt therapy sessions
  • Medicines prescribed can cause more dangerous side effects in childhood due to the hormone content
  • Salt Therapy is 100% drug and hormone free treatment with no artificial elements


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Asheville’s Therapeutic Salt Cave offers Children’s Quiet Play Sessions though out the weekly salt cave schedule of sessions . Please call to schedule a time for your child to help boost their immune systems and  provide them many additional benefits.