Here’s what they say about us!

salt cave with salina copy“A tranquil haven in the middle of downtown Asheville! This is a must experience!! Awesome massage therapist, great classes/ events help bring you into a deeper state of relaxation and fun products to bring salt into your life at home.This place really pays attention to all the little details. So glad we have this unique and healing space in Asheville!” Branton 9/20/14

“What an awesome experience! The Asheville Therapeutic Salt Cave is a unique experience and a must do in Asheville. Besides being a relaxing space in the midst of the bustling, energetic city, it was a healing refuge for my son who suffers from asthma. My son had begun to feel asthmatic symptoms coming on and a friend recommended the salt cave. It was wondrous to watch the healing powers of salt ease his asthmatic symptoms. The owner and staff were very knowledgable, helpful, and friendly. We purchased a salt inhaler for my son, on the advise of the owner. It has made a huge difference in my son’s asthmatic therapy. We now use his emergency inhaler half the prescribed amount during asthma attacks. I’m not suggesting anyone ignore their doctor’s orders. This is just my experience and the reason why we will always return to Asheville Therapeutic Salt Cave! ” Hannah M. 9/11/14

“For Over 30 years I have had an annoying rash in several locations on my body as a result of concentrated radiation, from a medical issue. After the first session in the SolA Therapeutic Salt Cave and spa I began to experience healing of the patches. They continue to heal and will soon be memory.

Additionally, I can feel a positive difference in my breathing as my lungs enjoy the benefits of inhaling the salt. And who can’t enjoy the total relaxation that the cave provides, away from the stress of a busy day.”  Roberta B. 2/09/13

“SolA is the thing to do if you need some quiet time to yourself in a relaxed healing atmosphere. This place is a secret oasis as a mom of two wee-ones, the moment I walked in the door. A tranquil time-out. You sit in the cave for 45 minutes of silence, breathing the salts healing properties.  It is like stepping into another place all together.  There are salt goodies to admire and purchase from bath salts to a salt mortar and pestle to a salt cutting board/cooking slab. A true gem in Asheville.”  Jennifer G. 2/04/13

“Great place, was so therapeutic, I went for my sinuses, I took my 82 yr old dad, he loved it! The waterfall & music was so relaxing, I did some meditation & praying there, I will definitely be back to this amazing place!”  Trip Advisor Jank 1/23/13

“There is an expression “seeing is believing” and I saw and I believe. The SolA Therapeutic Salt Cave and beautiful retail space were even better than I expected. I was so comfortable in the chair and relaxed enough to fall asleep. I wish we could have stayed on vacation longer so that we could have gone into the cave a few more times.  My sinuses felt better and I came out so relaxed. I just felt so much better. I bought some things to bring back to friends and relatives in NJ from the beautiful, calming and amazing store. The staff is very accommodating and a pleasure to deal with. Make it a “must see” to do on your next visit to Asheville, NC. I highly recommend it. Our friends all enjoyed the gifts we brought back for them. Everyone likes to feel better so go and enjoy!!”  Arlene N. 12/24/12

“Looks like the pictures of the mines in Poland. Very relaxing and de-stressing. I also have asthma so the session was 2 fold. My breathing became easier and less labored. My whole head and chest felt like it cleared up within 15 min. of entering the ‘cave’ and it felt like breathing clean pure oxygen.What a treat. I’ll be back again.Best 45 minutes. Relaxing rejuvenating and energizing. Helped clear my stuffed head in a matter of minutes. Loved every minute. Highly recommend a visit to this totally unique space in downtown Asheville.”  Trip Advisor 525AJB 12/12

“We stopped by this place while in Asheville and nearly fell asleep while lounging for 45 min. in the salt cave…soooo relaxing between the soothing music and the comfortable surroundings…A big plus are the ladies running the show there…Great products to take home and a nice break from the hustle-bustle every day life. Do yourself a big favor and check this one out!!”  Trip Advisor Pauligoetsch 11/18/12

“SolA Therapeutic Salt Cave in Asheville, NC, has helped me tremendously. I suffer from recurring bouts of bronchitis and have found that my breathing is better, my lungs are clearer and I have fewer coughing fits. I also enjoy the added benefit of relaxing completely and de-stressing during my visits.”  Joyce C. 9/15/12

“I am an asthmatic who relies on a rescue inhaler at least once a day. After just one 45 minute session I did not need to use my rescue inhaler for 2-1/2 weeks. Each time I return to the cave for a treatment session I come out more relaxed and breathing easier.”  Gary N.9/02/12